What Happened to the Freddy Krueger Actor?

The American actor Robert Englund became popular after the 1983 science-fiction TV series V. He played an alien called Willie. The show had great success but Englund strived to play other characters.

The actor had been looking for diverse roles that would allow him to show his talent. One day, he went for an audition in a low-budget horror movie. The young director cast him for the movie produced by New Line Cinema. That is how then 36-year-old Robert Englund got the most important role in his life. He became Freddy Krueger, the one and only dream demon with a terrifying burned face.

A Nightmare on Elm Street turned into an extremely successful horror film franchise. Eight movies starring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger were released since 1984. The last movie of the series starring him as the main villain came out in 2003. However, Robert Englund returns to the role of Freddy Krueger in videogames and television series from time to time.

Even though Robert tried really hard to turn into a big and serious actor, he could not escape his most famous role. Most of the directors only offered him parts in horror movies. The actor would like to play comedic or dramatic roles, but Hollywood producers do not give him such a chance.

As for now, Robert Englund is already 73 years old. Despite that, he has not retired yet. The actor does voice acting and plays episodic roles in television series and movies. Since 2020, Robert hosts the Travel Channel show True Terror, which showcases scary but true stories about the supernatural or strange.

The actor has been married to set decorator Nancy Booth for over 30 years. Robert claims that she is the love of his life. The couple does not have children.