Actors who turned down the role and lost a lot

Will Smith – The Matrix

Will Smith still regrets the lost role of Neo. At that time, he was like hotcakes and discarded the proposed scenarios very easily, especially since this story turned out to be doubtful not only to him. The actor made a bet on the action movie Wild Wild West, which ultimately failed at the box office.

David Schwimmer – Men in Black

Following the release of Friends season 3, David was offered the role of Agent J in Men in Black. But the actor refused – he didn’t like the script. Perhaps, it was influenced by the fact that not long before that Clint Eastwood, who was offered the role of Agent K, also refused.

Jake Gyllenhaal – Avatar

James Cameron saw Jake as the main character, and it seems that the actor was even ready to take part in the project, but at the last moment, he preferred Prince of Persia. As a result, Sam Worthington got the lead role in Avatar, and the film became the highest-grossing film in history.

Emma Watson and Miles Teller – La La Land

The main roles in this musical were originally supposed to go to them. When Emma was offered to star in this project, she already responded to the offer to star in Beauty and the Beast, and for what reasons Miles was refused is not known exactly. Teller said that he was simply called and presented with a fact. And the heroes were played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

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