3 celebrities who called expectant fathers for childbirth

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Singer Katy Perry first felt the happiness of motherhood six months ago. Baby Daisy’s father was Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom. In a recent interview, the performer admitted that she had never regretted the decision to give birth together with her fiancé.

“Orlando has always been by my side, I felt incredible support from him. He was beautiful: he constantly held my hand and looked into my eyes,” the celebrity recalled.

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is a mother of two (now completely grown-up) children – Presley’s son and daughter Kaia. Fleeing from the annoying attention of the press during her first pregnancy, the celebrity decided to give birth at home – in the presence of two midwives and her husband.

The birth went well, and, inspired by this experience, Cindy, who was supposed to become a mother for the second time, again asked her husband to support her.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Few people know that Prince Charles, despite a difficult relationship with his wife, was present at the birth of his sons – Princes Harry and William. “I am so grateful that I was with Diana that day. By evening, I felt as if we had shared the whole process with her, ”Charles wrote to his godmother after the birth of William. Alas, even this did not help the couple save the marriage.


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