How Natalie Portman prepared for her role in Black Swan

It is easy to guess from the emaciated body of Natalie Portman that the creation of the Oscar-winning image in Black Swan cost her considerable physical effort. However, the actress experienced no less stress and emotion.

Natalie’s shooting day lasted 16 hours, and before and after there was training at the machine. She had half a grapefruit for breakfast, and her usual portions for lunch and dinner had to be cut in half. As a result, the actress lost thirty-three pounds, but this is not all that Portman had to endure. Of course, she had some kind of base – until the age of 13, Natalie studied ballet. But… 15 years have passed!

Natalie said that during filming, Darren Aronofsky deliberately pitted them against Mila Kunis, who played her main rival, to achieve a more believable game. The director also isolated Portman from the rest of the actors and insisted that she be alone and in ordinary life – as a result, Portman completely abandoned her personal life and for a year was only engaged in preparing for the role.

The actress admits that Darren Aronofsky is a real professional, and the image of her heroine would not have been so convincing without his control. But then he adds that she would never repeat this experience. Relatives and friends of the actress confirmed that it was not easy for Portman to break out of the image and return to normal life.

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