Three Hilarious TV Shows Everyone Should Watch

The Good Place (2016-2020)

One day Eleanor Shellstrop awakens only to find herself in a weird place next to a stranger. He has some bad news and good news. Firstly, Eleanor have died. Secondly, she went straight to “the Good Place”, a Heaven-like utopia.

Eleanor instantly realizes there must be some kind of mistake. She never was a good person so she does not deserve a place in Heaven. Eleanor decides to become a better version of herself in order to meet the standards of the Good Place. At first, it seems that she is doing quite well. Things are going to change very soon, though. You will be very surprised with the first season’s twist ending!

Stan Against Evil (2016-2018)

Stanley Miller is the luckiest sheriff in the history of Willard’s Mill, a rural town in New Hampshire. The neighborhood is built on the site of a massive witch burning that took place in the 18th century. Since then, every single sheriff of Willard’s Mill have died in service. Except for Stanley, who had to resign after his wife’s death.

Nevertheless, demons and evil spirits are not going to leave him alone. The new sheriff Evie Barret needs his help to defend the town from supernatural powers. Together, they are going to eliminate every paranormal threat to protect the townsfolk.

Man Seeking Woman (2015-2017)

This witty TV show does a great job at ridiculing the “side effects” of romantic relationships. The writers let the imagination go wild and dragged the main character through the most strange and fantastic situations. This show will definitely appeal to fans of dark and subtle humor. It balances on the brink of absurdity and never fails to surprise viewers with ambiguous jokes.

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